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Fundus Photography: Taking photographs of the back of the eye

Our Topcon fundus camera magnifies the image of the back of your eye and takes a digital photograph which we store on our patient database. This gives us a permanent visual record of the health of your eyes and a reference point to help us recognise any changes that may occur in the future.


Should we find anything unusual, we can send a photo as an attachment to a referral letter to an eye specialist to help explain any concerns we may have.


Glaucoma Testing
OCT Scanner

The taking of the photo is not uncomfortable, although there is a very quick flash that may make you jump. Very occasionally, we have to put drops in your eyes to make the pupil bigger in order to get a better view.


As the taking of fundus photos is optional, and because the NHS does not pay for such photography, we make a small charge for this service if it is recommended, or requested.



Glaucoma Testing 

When left untreated, glaucoma can cause serious vision loss

For this reason, we recommend having your eye pressures checked regularly -  once a year if you have close family members who have glaucoma. By law, all optometrists are obliged to follow the NICE (the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) guidelines regarding suspected glaucoma and do further tests on patients who are found to have high eye pressure during a normal eye test.

Eye Conditions