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Eye Test Equipment At David Wood Opticians In Burnham on Crouch


We welcome both private and NHS patients, adults, and children.

NHS sight tests are paid for by the NHS for eligible groups of patients - either for clinical reasons or for people and their dependants who are in receipt of certain income-based benefits.


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Eye Exam room at David Wood Opticians In Burnham on Crouch

Using the latest technology to take care of your eye health:

  • A fields check - to ensure there is no loss of vision in the central field of view as well as around the edges

  • Fundus photography - the taking of a photo of the back of the eye to look for any abnormalities and as a permanent visual record of your ocular health

  • A slit lamp examination - to look at the external and internal structures of the eye under high magnification

  • An OCT scan - to provide a picture of the layers of your retina and evaluate any disorders of the optic nerve to give an in-depth picture of your overall eye health.

advanced eye examination technology


  • The taking of clinical notes to assess the liklihood of inherited eye disease, side effects from medication and signs and symptoms that you report

  • The determination of a full spectacle prescription, if required

  • A health check of the interior of the eye using special instrumentation to look for signs of abnormalities

  • An assessment of the exterior eye and closely related structures e.g. the eyelids

  • The taking of the pressures inside the eye - high pressures being a sign of glaucoma.



We are proud to provide you with access to equipment that can provide an in-depth picture of your overall eye health, including screening for eye disease.

An Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) scan uses cutting-edge technology to look more closely at your retina and can help to detect eye conditions like glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

We recommend and OCT scan for those aged 25 or over, or if you are at heightened risk of developing eye conditions like glaucoma.

As the choice to benefit from this specialist equipment is optional, and because the NHS does not pay for such technology, we make a small charge for this service if it is recommended, or requested.

OCT scan results image
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