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At David Wood Opticians, we supply all types of contact lenses - both soft and gas permeable, single vision and multi-focal, daily and monthly.


We believe in providing the best standards of eyecare so that your eye health is maintained and that you benefit from optimum vision and the highest degree of comfort.


Unlike some competitors, we can supply all brands of contact lenses. 

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Contact lenses are a good alternative to spectacles, especially for people who take part in sporting activities. Cosmetically, they do away with the need for spectacles, whether you wear them full-time or part-time - or just for social occasions.


People who wear reading spectacles may need multi-focal lenses or use 'mono-vision' but we can advise you about the options available.

If you are new to wearing contact lenses:

We will monitor you carefully over the first few weeks of wear, as you become accustomed to wearing the lenses, so your eyes are kept safe and healthy.


Once you are happy with the vision and the comfort and we are satisfied that your eye health is being maintained, we will issue you with a supply of lenses and discuss an aftercare regime which will include regular check-ups.

We offer a convenient contact lens scheme payable by direct debit to ensure you always have a fresh supply of lenses. Read the terms and conditions here

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New wearers:

We will listen to your expectations, make a judgement about suitability, measure for size and fit and advise on the best type of lens for your individual needs. We will teach you how to look after your lenses as well as how to insert and remove them.

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Existing wearers:

We can take over from your previous contact lens practitioner and continue to provide a first class service that includes regular check-ups and the supply of the most up-to-date lenses.

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NHS Vouchers:

Contact lens check-ups are not covered by the NHS, but a 'NHS optical voucher', if entitled, can be used once against the cost of contact lenses. However, this voucher is usually of better value when set against the cost of spectacles.

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detail of hard contact lenses


Soft contact lenses, also called disposable contacts, are an economical solution for part-time wearers as well as those who want convenient daily use of them because they don't require any solutions or cleaning.


These types of lenses are ideal for those who want a lower-cost alternative to daily disposables. Fortnightly/monthly lenses require cleaning and storing each night, however, certain soft contact lens models can be worn overnight. 


A type of hard contact lens that is used to shape the eye for correction purposes, gas permeable lenses can offer better comfort than other options. They require cleaning and storage. 


Toric contact lenses are used to correct astigmatisms. They're made specifically to fit the shape of the eye, so disposables or monthly/fortnightly lens options can be selected depending on an individual's needs for solutions and care.


Multifocal contact lenses are used to correct distance and near vision at the same time. Disposable or monthly/fortnightly lenses are available.

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